The Sobering Truth

Condoms are a highly effective way to reduce a woman’s risk of sexually transmitted infections. Condoms are also an excellent choice to prevent unintended pregnancy. And using condoms consistently and correctly can help your protect your sexual health. But condoms are useless if you don’t have them on hand when you need them!

Smart women are prepared. Smart women buy and carry condoms and demand that their partners use them. The choice to have sex is yours. And when you choose to have sex, you should also be able to choose to protect your sexual health. That means having condoms on hand.

There are lots of things that might influence you to have sex without a condom—hormones, alcohol, or even your partner. Don’t let not having a condom be one of them. You be the influence. Make the decision to protect your sexual health. Buy, carry and demand condoms (and make sure you know how to use them correctly).

Download a copy of the campaign poster here.