Talking About Condoms

Talking with your partner about safer sex and condoms is one of the most important conversations you can have. It’s also one of the smartest!

How to talk with your partner about condoms and safer sex

You have a right to protect yourself and your health, and using condoms is a way to take care of your partner too. Sometimes a partner might resist using condoms, so it can be helpful to think about how you might respond in this situation.

Talk to your partner about condoms before you start to have sex.
When it’s hot and heavy it might be easy to have sex without a condom “just this once.”

Plan ahead
Have condoms with you if you think you might want to have sex. Don’t rely on your partner to have condoms.

Have your responses ready
A partner might have specific reasons for not wanting to use condoms. Take a look at these possible reasons below to get ideas about how to respond if you ever feel pressured to have sex without a condom: