Take the Pledge


  • Sometimes sex just happens. We don’t always know exactly when the mood will strike and the moment will hit, so smart women are prepared. Smart women buy and carry condoms. There are currently nearly 20 million new cases of sexually transmitted infections each year in the U.S. One of the best ways for a woman to protect herself from sexually transmitted infections—and prevent unwanted pregnancy—is to use condoms. But in order to use condoms, you need to have them on hand when you need them.

    Sex happens. When it does, you should be ready. We’re asking women not to rely on the guy. We want women of all ages to take control of their sexual health and pledge buy, carry, and demand condoms. You be the influence in your sex life!

  • to buy, carry and demand condoms.

These women have taken the pledge. Join them.

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  • Name: MJ
  • State: FL

  • Name: sheila
  • State:

  • Name: larissa
  • State: CA

  • Name: Nora
  • State: Tx

  • Name: Lizzie
  • State: Tx

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